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About Julianna

Brief Bio

Julianna has a diversified portfolio of life, personal, and professional experiences given her a profound understanding of the mind/body connection. She comes from a place of understanding and teaching not judgement or authority.


Featured In

        -Channel 4 News

        -WBZ TV

        -Psychic Detectives

        -Fox TV

        -Talk America Radio



        -Walking the beach


        -Traveling (especially to Greece)

        -Spending time with family

Julianna' Path...

     Julianna’s interest in the power and potential of the human mind, coupled with her strong spiritual beliefs, led her to explore an intuitive path. Before devoting herself full-time to the intuitive practice, Julianna taught English and Spanish at the high school level for 12 years. Her teaching skills certainly are apparent in her work; while she does disseminate a great amount of information, Julianna strives to have you recognize your own psychic ability and heighten your own intuition.  


     Julianna has been active in the intuitive field for over 30 years. She has lectured all over the country and has been featured on countless TV and radio talk shows. Most recently, she helped the Boston Police Department solve a quadruple murder case, and was interviewed by TV’s Psychic Detectives.


     Julianna is extremely creative in both her work and her personal interests. Julianna is an avid gardner. However, being a New Englander, she satisfies her artistic flair through photography, flower arranging, and holiday displays in the non-summer months. Julianna holds a B.A. and M.Ed. from Boston University and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Northeastern University.

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