Julianna Kallas

Julianna has the following gifts:
 o Psychic ability
o Aura reader
o Mediumship
o Tarot reader
o Clairvoyant
o Medical Intuitive
o Past Lives
o Animal Communicator 

Julianna Can Help With:
o Career
o Romance 
o Business
o Health
o Life Changes
o Loved One's Passing

Julianna's Gifts

She uses many of these gifts in one reading.

Upcoming Events

April 8-12 Liv-Inn Suites,Sharonville, Ohio Book a private reading with me at my hotel

April 13-14 Body, Mind, Spirit, Expo Sharonville Convention Center Sharonville , Ohio Www.bmse.com

May 15-18 4 Keel Lane Nantucket, Massachusetts Book a private reading with me.

Email me at: [email protected]

Find Julianna's Podcast
"A Psychic Guide to Finding Peace"

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What my clients have to say

"Many thanks for our wonderful session with you today...inspira-tional as well as comforting... "  Karen M.
"Thank you..for finding the cancer in Jasper...You made believers out of 2 vets...They said you saved his life..."
Jolene C.
"I thank you for your guidance, your wisdom and your caring.  ...because of you that I started to become a better person..."
Greg O..

"I cannot adequately express my thanks for your kindness, 
generosity and support..."
Merrilee B.

"Thank you for the reading; it was as though someone handed me a flashlight on a dark yet beautiful night..."
Ann Marie S.
"I attended a session...with my sister-in-law and you were "right on" with  passed family members coming through; It was an incredible evening..."
Barbara F.

"I knew you were the right person to talk to my daughter...You have always given me good insight and advice."
Kristina K.


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